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Window Cleaning Exterior    
 $2.00 per pane

Window Cleaning Interior    
 $2.00 per pane

Second floor                                 
$3.00 per pane exterior

Large Picture windows                
 $5.00 per pane

Storm window removal
clean and reassemble   
 $20.00 per set

French doors and windows 
$0.75 per pane per side

Grid remove clean and replace  

Interior Skylight Cleaning        

Exterior  Skylight Cleaning   
(price may vary depending on height and slope of roof)

Light Fixture Cleaning starting at
(depending on height and accessibility)

Light Bulb Change  starting at  
(height and accessibility-home owner to provide bulbs)

Ceiling Fans starting at             
 (height and accessibility)

Ledge Cleaning                            

 $1.50 - 3.00 per ft

Screens removed and replaced
exterior only $1.00

Screens in and out cleaing will be removed, CLEANED and replaced     $1.00

Mirrors  $5.00

Sliding doors and window tracks
 $6.00 per set

Paint, stickers, stain, caulk etc. removal  additional
 $1.00 per pane

*these are estimated prices please contact us for an accurate bid for your home or establishment


Let us check those forgotten gutters.....

  1.     Gutter Guards
    Gutter Guards
    You may have gutter guards on your home and this is how they should look. You had them installed and forgot all about them.
  2.        Collapsed
    However, debris washes off the roof and the weight of it collapses the gutter guard.
  3.      Plant Matter
    Plant Matter
    Plants may also be growing through the guard system and stopping up your gutters.
  4.   No Gutter Guards
    No Gutter Guards
    It is evident that the weight of all the debris wash down the roof will plug the gutter and if heavy enough break away from the fascia board.