Frequently asked questions

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  1. Why do I need my windows cleaned professionally?
    Using the conventional spray and cloth/paper towel method leaves smudges, lint, streaks and residue on the glass that can potentially scratch your windows. You are out of time and you need it done now. Don't forget the ole, "I don't do windows!" We do!
  2. Why a professional window cleaner?
    We have the equipment and supplies needed to do the job right. We also take the hazard of climbing ladders to those hard to reach windows out of your hands. Over reaching on a ladder is dangerous.
  3. Why do I have all these scratches in my window?
    Dirt particles become embedded in porous glass. Conventional methods pull the dirt across the glass and scratch it. Specially formulated soap made for glass floats the particles to the service, dries slower and is squeegeed off with a crisp rubber blade. In this way avoiding streaks and scratches.
  4. When should I have my windows cleaned?
    For residential homes a good rule of thumb is twice a year. However, depending on your environment, you may need them cleaned more often. If you have a big event entertaining guests coming up, you will want your windows cleaned for sure. Store fronts need a good clean once a month or every two weeks.
  5. I have gutter guards, why should I need my gutters cleaned?
    We have found gutter guards are not foolproof. (check pics on services page) Debris wash from the roof on top of the guards causing them to collapse; resulting in heavy blocked gutters that may pull away from the fascia board. Also plant material may be growing through the guards with the same results.
  6. Who should clean my windows?
    You want someone professional and experienced, who is respectful of your time, home and belongings. You need someone who leaves no mess behind and is punctual and reliable. You can count on us to be all these things and more.
  7. Do you take credit cards?
    We have always taken checks or cash, however we have been asked this so often lately that we are considering taking credit cards very soon. Stay tuned it is coming......
  8. Can you do a few other odds and ends jobs that I don't have time or equipment to do?
    For the most part, if you have small odds and ends jobs we can do them. Don't hesitate to ask.